5 Signs it’s time to upgrade your home heating system?

  1. Is your Furnace the thing that goes bump in the night?

If your HVAC unit it starting to make noises that sound like creaks and squeaks it is probably time to look at a new furnace. Clanks, booms and rumbling are all not normal sounds for a healthy furnace to make.

2. Does your thermostat look like it remembers when movies were black and white?

Technology has advanced and these older style thermostats have had their day. Modern programmable thermostats are great for keeping your heating costs down and maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home. If you have an old thermostat replacing it with a new one is a great idea.

3. Finding your home to dry in the winter and too humid in the summer?

Humidity problems can happen if your unit is malfunctioning. Getting a new unit will help you keep comfortable all year round and keep your humidity levels balanced all year round.

4. Are some rooms hot and others cold?

Are you finding that some rooms are always cold that used to be warm or that you have rooms that are too hot that used to be comfortable? This is a sign of an issue with the air ducts. Your furnace and air ducts work together to evenly spread out the heat throughout your home. If this is happening then you might want to start considering a new unit.

5. Has your furnace celebrated its 15th birthday?

If your furnace is getting older it might start to have costly repairs coming up. Also once a unit reaches this age it’s no longer going to have the same level of efficiency as a new unit which means higher energy bills for you. This is a good time to start to consider getting yourself a new unit.

Ready for your new unit?

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