How to Winterize Your Air Conditioning Unit.

1. Shut Off Unit

First and most importantly before you do anything you have to shut off the system. Ensure that you turn off the circuit to prevent electrical shock.

2. Clean Around Outdoor Unit

Clean around the area to remove any debris, twigs leaves etc from the area. This will help ensure that there is nothing around the unit that could cause damage during the winter.

3. Cover the Unit

Ensure the unit is dry before you cover it. If there has been rain recently hold off on covering it until it has had a bit to dry so that moisture is not kept inside the unit causing corrosion and rust. Some technicians recommend using a furnace cover during the fall and winter. However, small animals sometimes see these covers as a great place to set up camp for the winter. Whether you choose to cover your unit with an actual cover or not your going to want to make sure that you at least cover the top of the outdoor unit. This prevents leaves, sticks, and ice from falling into the top of your HVAC unit.

If you choose to cover it completely or just to cover the top make sure you remember to uncover the unit before starting it up in the summer again.

4. Cover Exposed Pipes

Now you’re going to want to cover your exposed pipes with foam pipe covers. These are generally easy to find at most home improvement stores. All you have to do is slide the covers over the exposed pipe and secure it in pace with some duct tape. Let’s be honest Northern Ontario is known for its cold winters so doing this can help prevent pipes from freezing and breaking.

5.  Get a Furnace Tune-up

Annual furnace cleaning and inspections are vital to maintain the life of your unit. Just like your car getting an oil change and tune up, your furnace and a/c need to be maintained too. This is a great time of year to get an HVAC technician in to get you all set for winter. If you are in the Greater Sudbury area Northern Climate is available to come and service your unit and get you all ready for winter. We also offer maintenance and protection plans starting as low as $9.99/month

6. Check up on the Outdoor Unit Often

After you winterize your outdoor unit, do a quick check each month during the winter just to ensure that there is no debris or small critters inside. Clear snow and ice off of the outside of the unit while your checking too.

If you take care of your unit and ensure proper winterizing, regular filter changes and annual maintenance is completed you will ensure your unit runs properly for its full life expectancy. If you don’t have a maintenance plan make sure you check out what we have to offer. Also if your unit is no longer covered by warranty make sure you get yourself a protection plan. Northern Climate’s protection plans will ensure your HVAC system is covered when things break down from normal wear and tear. You can sign up for your Protection Plan by visiting