Why do you Need an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Let’s be honest we all know that you have change your filter in your HVAC system. We see this everywhere and know that it’s important and we also have all heard about the importance of annual tune-ups and inspections. However even though we all know this, many homeowners don’t practice routine maintenance on their system. It’s hard to keep track of when the last time was you changed your filters or when you had someone in to clean your unit. Many HVAC units run so quietly that you don’t even notice it running in the background so it’s easy to forget about.  The best way to handle this issue is to have a regular maintenance or protection plan with a reputable company. Having this will help you stay up to date on all your inspections and tune-ups. It will also help you improve safety and comfort in your home while adding years to the lifespan of your HVAC system. Here are some of the most important reasons to sign up for a plan with your chosen HVAC contractor.

Get the Most out of your HVAC system

Regular tune-ups will ensure that your unit is running at its best. This will save you money on your energy bills as well as keep your home comfortable. With the tune-up you also get an inspection which will help you to determine any problems that might be starting with the unit so they can be repaired before they become larger, more expensive repairs.

Save Money on HVAC Repairs

Furnace and A/C repairs can be very expensive and stressful. Having your heat stop in the middle of a Sudbury winter is not something you want to wake up to. Having your routine maintenance done annually will help keep your unit healthy but also identify issues before they snowball into the entire system shutting down. Some companies, such as Northern Climate, offer plans that cover things like labour and most parts when it comes to repairs. This helps provide peace of mind that if your system does suddenly stop working or has an issue you can call and get it fixed without even opening your wallet in some cases.

Never Miss A Cleaning Again

As nice as it would be to always remember that you have to book a tune-up for your HVAC system, in reality you have a busy life and don’t always have the time to make that call or check when it was last done. Having an annual maintenance plan ensures that you don’t have to remember. Many companies will reach out to you and let you know that your service is due and book it with you, so you don’t have to try to keep track.

Northern Climate offers a selection of plans for our customers in the Greater Sudbury area. We will work with you to keep your unit running at its best and take the guess work out of routine tune-ups. Give us a call at (705) 586-4300 or check out our plans here.